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Welcome To Sriji Pay

Sriji Pay is committed to providing seamless, fast, and secure Banking financial services to the last miles of society.

CARDS VALLY INDIA PVT LTD is an assisted B2C company. The vision of the company is to make “Millionaire Agents Network” (MAN) i.e. to maximize the number of agents who is able to make more revenue by delivering various services. We are going towards our target of opening 1 Lakh plus Outlets and Branded Stores across India to experience all the citizens the easiest, fastest & safest Digital payment platform and all the Digital services under one roof. SRIJI PAY has played a major role since its inception, for the empowerment of the non-banking retailer, under-banking segments in India through offering Safe, Secure and Convenient payment solutions.

What are we?

Sriji Pay is Business Correspondent to various Banks. This results in fast, simple and secure transactions and one-stop-outlets provide instant and hassle-free service delivery for Banking financial services like Domestic Money Transfer, AePS, mATM (Debit card Cash Withdrawal), and Prepaid cards and various value-added services like Prepaid Recharges, Bill payments,Insurance, etc. Sriji Pay is also a provider of payment solutions that are simple and secure, and are delivered via web portal and android.

What is the problem Sriji Pay is solving?

A large population in India is still not a part of the digital economy and banking system. Digital literacy is far from 100% in India and a major chunk of the population is still not self-serviced for basic banking and financial needs. Lack of ATMs and bank branch in rural and semi-urban areas is still a concern which hampers financial inclusion. We are trying to bridge this digital divide across urban and rural areas and to offer digital financial and non-financial services through agent outlets.

How does Sriji Pay propose to solve this problem?

In order to serve under digital and underbanked population in India, we have prepared an assisted agent led model which works to offer digital and financial services to the last mile. Banking and financial services along many value-added services are available for end customers through Sriji Pay channel partners in their neighborhood. Services like Domestic Money transfer, Cash Withdrawal, Prepaid Cards, Recharges, Bill Payments, Travel Bookings, etc. are made available 24X7 through our proprietary web and mobile applications. These applications are made user friendly as per the needs of the target users and are built using the state of the art technology to make the transactions secure and instant.

What is the uniqueness of Sriji Pay solution?

Sriji Pay is a fintech company having expertise in all payment-related products and one of our differentiators is a strong technology core which not only promises a high success ratio but also provides ease in doing the transaction. Our technology stack is built on the digital railroads of NPCI and service providers like banks, telecom aggregators, travel aggregators, etc. which when combined with our proprietary applications helps in providing a digital transaction engine that is highly scalable and flexible. We eagerly listen to our customers and customize our offerings which best suits their needs.

We work towards:

✓ Mirroring the government’s own objective and vision, the challenge that we set for ourselves reflects in our mission of –
✓ Creation of digital infrastructure.
✓ Delivering digital services.
✓ Spreading digital literacy.
✓ To create and deliver innovations.
Empower each and every individual to handle money in a simple, safe and convenient manner.

Subsequently, when our mission is accomplished, our vision to become the largest and most trusted payment solutions company will see the light of the day.

Why Partner With Us?

Sriji Pay is a platform to provide unbiased access to opportunities.

✔ We provide the best technological know-how to promote entrepreneurship.
✔ We help develop a recurring earning potential.
✔ We enable people to become self-reliant even with minimal skill set.
✔ We help maintain of work/home balance.
✔ We offer a zero stress work environment.
✔ We help you become your own Boss.

What Sets Us Apart?

Sriji Pay is a platform to provide unbiased access to opportunities.

✔ Immediate onboarding
✔ Quick service delivery
✔ All device compatibility
✔ Web & Mobile App based service transactions
✔ Real-time commission payout
✔ Our tailor-made business plans
✔ Our urban & rural existence

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