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Sriji Pay has taken a step forward in the field of Financial Inclusion with an introduction of ‘Micro/Mini ATM Service’ to enable our agents to modify their shops into a digital banking system.

Sriji Pay vision is to build an extensive public banking infrastructure that not only provides quality banking services, but also is available to ordinary citizens in urban and rural India. Supplementary Branch Outreach is a Micro/Mini ATM network that provides convenient banking services to citizens. All in all, this is one of Sriji Pay missions to bridge the gap between the availability and accessibility of ordinary citizens providing simple banking services. As India’s first interoperable operating system, it is a banking innovation that can serve any bank customer though our portable device with a debit card interface. The MicroATM Machine is operated by an agent that will include a card reader for all cash withdrawal and balance inquiry transactions from all bank debit cards.

What transactions can be done at Micro/Mini ATM?

✓ Cash Withdrawal (cash out from bank account)
✓ Balance Check/Enquiry
✓ Mini Statement(subject to service availability)
✓ What are the benefits of using Micro/Mini ATM?
✓ Now convert your shop into an ATM
✓ This is a low-cost option for existing ATMs
✓ Micro ATM is a portable device
✓ Easy to carry, easy to set up anywhere in remote areas
✓Interoperable equipment that can work for any bank
✓ Helping people to be useful in the process of demonetization
The Micro ATM is invented to help people of the rural area for financial inclusion. However, in heavy cash crunch problem like today, these types of Micro ATM Machines is boon to everyone.

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