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Prepaid Card For Your Daily Transactions

Sriji Pay prepaid cards are easy and convenient for shopping at Shops, Malls, Movies, Restaurants, etc. & making online payments.

Prepaid Cards

Use Sri Ji prepaid cards for things you pay in cash. Whether you want to shop online, pay bills or manage your expenses more effectively, prepaid cards will give you a Simple, Secure, and easy way to use and manage your money. The card is similar to a debit card, the only difference is that there is a prepaid balance that is associated with this card as against the savings balance in a debit card. The card can be activated instantly by providing basic details of the user and on the submission of complete KYC details, the card limits are enhanced. The user can transact up to Rs. 10,000/- per month on insta issue of the card at any point in time as prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). We offer reloadable prepaid cards and the same can be loaded via Sriji Pay Outlets by giving money to the outlet operator. Sriji Pay agents can offer these cards to their customers and earn commission on card loads.

Types of Sriji Pay Prepaid Cards
✓ Prepaid Card for Online Shopping: With the Sriji Pay Prepaid Card, you can shop conveniently without having to carry cash with you. This card offers you higher cashback and shopping limits.
✓ Reloadable prepaid card – Card that can be reloaded from the nearest Sriji Pay outlet.
✓ Virtual Prepaid Card – These are not physical cards and credentials of these cards are provided over an email to the user.
✓ Gift Cards – These are one-time loadable cards, suitable for gifting to employees, friends, and loved ones.

Key features
✓ Zero Balance Prepaid Card
✓ Instant Activation with Official Valid Document(OVD) number
✓ No Bank Account Required
✓ Pay at Any Store in India accepting Mastercard and Rupay.
✓ Pay online at any website in India
✓ Transfer money from your Card to any other card instantly
✓ Card can be reloaded from a Sriji Pay Outlet
✓ Fully Secured with all Bank-level Security Features
✓ Loyalty Points and various other benefits
✓ Avail attractive discounts and cashback offers on leading brands.

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